Class RasterImageDisplay


void RasterImageDisplayAddThresholdToMask( RasterImageDisplay rid, ImageReference mask, Number top, Number left, Number bottom, Number right )
Sets the points in mask to 1 if they lie within the threshold.
void RasterImageDisplayGetThresholdLimits( RasterImageDisplay rid, NumberVariable low, NumberVariable high )
Gets the threshold limits of the display.
Boolean RasterImageDisplayIsThresholdOn( RasterImageDisplay rid )
Determines whether the thresholding overlay is on or off.
void RasterImageDisplaySetThresholdLimits( RasterImageDisplay rid, Number low, Number high )
Sets the threshold limits of the display.
void RasterImageDisplaySetThresholdOn( RasterImageDisplay rid, Boolean on )
Sets whether the thresholding overlay is on or off.

Related Functions

RasterImageDisplay =( RasterImageDisplay dst, ! )
RasterImageDisplay =( RasterImageDisplay dst, RasterImageDisplay rid )
RasterImageDisplay =( RasterImageDisplay dst, ImageDisplay id )
ImageReference CreateMaskFromAnnotations( RasterImageDisplay rid, Number filter_length, Boolean is_opaque, NumberVariable has_mask )
RasterImageDisplay RasterImageDisplayNullify( ! )