Class SurfacePlotImageDisplay


The shape of a surface plot image display is given by the x,y offset of the x-axis, the x,y offset of the y-axis, and the y-offset of the z-axis, denoted '(x_axis_x,x_axis_y)', '(y_axis_x,y_axis_y)', and 'z_axis' in the script methods. In all of these offsets, positive x points to the left and positive y points down. Only the relative sizes of these values matter, for the coordinates are scaled to fit in the display bounds.


void SurfacePlotImageDisplayGetCubeAxes( SurfacePlotImageDisplay spid, NumberVariable x_axis_x, NumberVariable x_axis_y, NumberVariable y_axis_x, NumberVariable y_axis_y, NumberVariable z_axis )
Gets the points describing the surface plot cube.
void SurfacePlotImageDisplayGetCubePoint( SurfacePlotImageDisplay spid, Number which_point, NumberVariable x, NumberVariable y )
Gets the child coordinates of the cube point indicated by 'which_point'
Boolean SurfacePlotImageDisplayIsShadingOn( SurfacePlotImageDisplay spid )
Determines whether shading is on or off.
void SurfacePlotImageDisplaySetCubeAxes( SurfacePlotImageDisplay spid, Number x_axis_x, Number x_axis_y, Number y_axis_x, Number y_axis_y, Number z_axis )
Sets the points describing the surface plot cube.
void SurfacePlotImageDisplaySetShadingOn( SurfacePlotImageDisplay spid, Boolean on )
Sets whether shading is on or off.

Related Functions

SurfacePlotImageDisplay =( SurfacePlotImageDisplay dst, ImageDisplay id )
SurfacePlotImageDisplay =( SurfacePlotImageDisplay dst, ! )
SurfacePlotImageDisplay =( SurfacePlotImageDisplay dst, SurfacePlotImageDisplay spid )
SurfacePlotImageDisplay SurfacePlotImageDisplayNullify( ! )