"How to script..." - Digital Micrograph Scripting handbook

Digital Micrograph is an image processing and acquisition software by Gatan Inc. primarily but not exclusively used in connection with Electron Microscopy. The software features a simplified programming language commonly referred to as DM scripting. Over the recent years I have been compiling task oriented tutorials on the use of DM scripting into a type of scripting handbook. This work is still in progress and there is currently no finished book available. However, until the final version is completed, I am making the current version of the handbook available as free E-book on request. Some examples can also be downloaded directly from this homepage.

About the Author

Bernhard Schaffer has been working in the field of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) since 2001. He finished his PhD in technical physics at the Technical University Graz (FELMI/ZfE institute) in 2006 and stayed on as a post-doc until 2008. During this period he developed EFTEM spectrum-imaging techniques and founded and maintained the DigitalMicrgraph scripting-database which is still hosted by FELMI. In summer 2008 he became a research assistant at the SuperSTEM facility in Daresbury/UK and focused his research on aberration corrected STEM and atomic resolution STEM EELS spectrum-imaging. In this period he developed a distributed dose STEM technique. In autumn 2011 he joined Gatan Inc. as application software developer.

Request a (free) copy of the book or get in contact

If you would like to get a free copy of the current book (PDF version), please email me with some of your details (Name, work place, field of work).

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Script workshops & courses
  • Scripting courses and workshops are regularily held be Gatan.
    Please visit Gatan's training webpage for upcoming events.
  • If you would like to organize a scripting workshop yourself, or if you have a particular suggestion for a course, please contact me at the email above.
  • I am also available for consulting or one-to-one (remote) teaching on request.