Before Gatan did a major upgrade in their DM help documentation, there was some incomplete and mainly undocumented listing of DM commands available from Gatan's homepage. Today, it is sometimes still useful to have this listing around, because the new help documentation does miss some of the more exotic commands. This page is just a slightly modified version of that listing which is added to the database with the permission of Jacob Wilbrink (Gatan).

However, please note that most of the documentation here (and more!) is contained in the actual DigitalMicrograph help-documentation accessible via "F1" from the main application.

Email from Jacob Wilbrink

When we put the script section in the manual, we were always planning on expanding it to cover all functions users might need, without exposing functions that we might like to change for internal purposes. We have clearly missed some, and I will try to allocate some time to add more functions of interest. In the mean time, please feel free to publish the original script list we had on our web site.
Jacob Wilbrink