Notes About Parameters

  1. Rectangles are passed as a quadruple ( top, left, bottom, right ).
  2. Coordinate system transformations are passed as a quadruple (ox,oy,sx,sy), where (x,y) is transformed to ( ox + sx*x, oy + sy * y ).
  3. An encoding parameter is used in several functions that take or return text. It is used to determine how to convert strings internally stored as unicode into strings usable in the script language. Currently, only the paramters 0, referring to the local character set, and 1, referring to the western encoding appropriate for the platform ( Roman script on Macintosh, and code page 1252 on Windows ), are allowed.

Script Classes

  1. Component
  2. ImageDisplay
  3. RasterImageDisplay
  4. LinePlotImageDisplay
  5. SurfacePlotImageDisplay
  6. Window
  7. TagGroup
  8. ImageDocument
  9. ROI - regions of interest, visible in raster image displays and line plots
  10. Image
  11. ScriptObject
  12. String

Other Script Documentations

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Other Script Functions

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